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Accounting Resume

I am a senior accountant and I have been looking for a new job for over a year, and I am not sure what the problem may be. Are there good accounting recruiters that you can suggest? I will paste my resume here for you to look at.

Without speaking to you directly, I can not guess what the problems might be. There are many parts to a job search - the resume, cover letter, target marketing, interview skills, follow up, etc. . . . I will try to make some general suggestions and you can take from this what might apply to you.

Bad Reference

Following a year in a top management position at a new job, I had major health problems requiring hospitalization which affected my work performance. Prior to this position I have had an exemplary 13 year track record. I do not believe this organization or my supervisor will give me a positive reference and I may be terminated. How would you deal with this on a resume or in a job interview? Should I not list this on my resume, and if so, how do I explain the gap?

I would like to make a resume. How can I start?

I would like to make a resume. How can I start?


I'm glad that you are asking how to write a resume. As well as being an essential element of the job hunt, resume writing can be a very affirming exercise, providing as it does an opportunity to raise your awareness of your knowledge and many strengths, abilities, values, and interests. I would be happy to provide you with a very general overview of the resume writing process, as well as some resources to assist you with this process.