Welcome to ChicagoJobs.org!

Welcome to this new edition of an old friend!
Since its creation in 1998 by two Skokie librarians, ChicagoJobs.org has provided the best in local job and career information. Our mission has been to assist Chicago area job seekers and career changers in navigating the crowded and confusing world of the Internet. ChicagoJobs offers easy access to a comprehensive listing of regional resources. And, with this new design, we offer even more: resources, networking opportunities, and feedback from area experts.

Today we number three librarians, and the advice of several career counselors throughout the Chicagoland area. Mike Buhmann is the Business Librarian and Career Specialist at Skokie Public Library. Frances E. Roehm is the co-author of Guide to Internet Job Searching, now in its 5th edition, and manager of the Library's SkokieNet Community Information Network. Pat Gaines is a long time web content developer (formerly at Chicago Public Library) and Reference Librarian at SPL.

At all times, we have attempted to keep your needs in mind and to offer the best that we can find for your job and career search. We encourage you to poke around, look over some of the newer content, and let us know what you think.

As always, we urge you to focus your job hunt on likely employers: specific businesses and industries, rather than spend too much time at generic job websites.

And keep in mind that over 80% of all jobs are NEVER posted! To find employment in this "Hidden Job Market", continue to use comprehensive print and web directories like Reference USA, or use virtual libraries, search engines, and gateway sites to locate information about these businesses and organizations.

Best wishes for a successful job hunt!

The ChicagoJobs Team